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Asphalt roofing shingles | Cedar shingles

Asphalt roofing shingles- Fiberglass

Two types are available, a multi-layer fiberglass laminate which provides a tile or slate-like style giving depth to the roof and single layer fiberglass shingles with 30 and 25 year warranties are also available. These products meet or exceed quality standards of American produced equivalents.



Multi-layer laminate Single – layer

Cedar shingles - Cedar shingles are traditionally used to protect roofs and walls from the elements while providing an attractive, natural, visual appeal.  NBP cedar shingles meet high Canadian standards and are manufactured from Eastern White Cedar, a timber with exceptional durability and over 100 years of installation performance.  All NBP cedar shingles are harvested from well managed, renewable, forests.


Cedar siding (cedar cladding or clapboard) and cedar decking/planks

Cedar’s exceptional durability has led to its widespread use in boatbuilding, fencing, decking, spas and saunas. Cedar siding easily accepts paint and stain. Left in its natural state Eastern White Cedar will age to a silver grey.  Interior application provides natural warm appearance, and an appreciated aromatic quality. All NBP cedar siding and cedar deck products are harvested from well managed, renewable, forests.

We offer a number of different exterior and interior profiles, please view our brochure.


Using an efficient ventilation system in an asphalt shingle or cedar roof structure is an important element to ensure a roof warranty remains valid. NBP’s roof vent system is state-of-the-art technology, simple to install, with minimal aesthetic changes to the look of the finished roof.


NBP supplies many accessories such as roofing felts, asphalt cement adhesives, specialized roofing nails, nailing guns and drip edge for eaves. We strive to provide what is not locally available or cost competitive. Our latest and most unusual accessory sale was a heavy-duty asphalt roofing lift truck to Moldova!


Many decades of practical experience tailoring products to export/import markets. We are knowledgeable, detailed  and  committed to meeting your  needs.